It’s Time.

Stock trading is a complicated and hard process, which takes a lot of time. Another thing is, it’s not accessible for everybody. You need to have a lot of funds, to make a trade in major stock markets. Otherwise, you will just lose all your money to enormous trading fees. It’s time to make a change. And bring trading to everybody. CFD trading is one of the best solutions for that. This gives the ability to trade with big stocks, without having a lot of funds. CFD trading is not available to everybody because it’s highly regulated area. Governments rather think cryptocurrencies as a game, not a real money. A game, which can change our lives. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, we can bring CFD trading to everybody.

Trade Whenever.

Deposits In Cryptocurrencies

Start Trading Instantly

Powerful Bid platform is really convenient – you can make deposits and withdrawals only with cryptocurrencies. The whole process is fully automated, it ensures really small waiting times. Start trading instantly.

Fully Decentralized Platform

Blockchain Powered Platform

Using the innovative blockchain technology to power trading platform gives extra abilities. This gives everybody the access to trade with CFDs. Thanks to decentralization, the platform is not controlled by single individuals.

Over 200 Trading Pairs

All The Most Popular Assets

There are trading pairs for everybody, you can choose your favorite and start trading. Selling and buying are made with 1 simple click. From over 200 pairs, you will find CRYPTOCURRENCIES, COMMODITIES, INDEXES, STOCKS, FOREX

No Trading Commission Fees

Commission Fee Is $0.00 Forever

Why trade assets in regular exchanges and pay them enormous fees for every move you make? Instead, enjoy totally ZERO fees in Powerful Bid platform. Trade as much you want, the fee remains ZERO. Our moto is – Pay less, earn more.

Leverage Up To 300X

Pay Less, Earn More

You can choose the leverage you want, this will give you the ability to trade with up to 300x bigger amounts, without the need to have 300x more funds in your account. With 300x bigger amounts, there’s also 300x bigger earnings.

See How Experts Trade

See How Experts Trade

Are you just starting in CFD trading world? Looking for some inspiration? Then our platform is perfect for you. See how the experts make their trades. Best thing is, they also explain their every trade. This is the best way to learn.

Enjoy Benefits Of
Powerful Token.

Powerful Token

Symbol: PWT

Supply: 20,000,000

Type: ERC20

Powerful Bid Shares
1 PWT = 1 Share
Dividends will be paid 4 times a year.

Powerful Token is a share of Powerful Bid.


Every Powerful Token holder receives part of Powerful Bid platform net income, 4 times a year. Powerful Bid income will be divided equally between all token holders.


Dividends will be paid in Ethereum.

Calculate Yearly Dividends

$1000 $250000
15 million 450 millions
If Powerful Bid yearly net income is Millions & your initial investment amount is .
will be paid to you each year.